Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

One of MCE’S key principles is valuing respect and building mutual trust, this principle stretches to colleagues, clients, and any person(s) MCE interacts with. The only way that this can be achieved is by promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion.

MCE are committed to creating a fully inclusive workplace, our aim is to foster a culture where our staff and community feel welcomed, respected and comfortable to be their true selves. We know that EDI is integral to our development, it encourages collaboration, produces innovation, and generally makes for a happier workforce, where unique perspective can be celebrated. As a recruiter we understand our responsibility to our stakeholders to ensure we recruit the best people, aiming to develop and retain talent, regardless of their background, and we encourage our schools to adopt the same approach.

MCE are working hard to eliminate unconscious bias and have a zero-tolerance policy on discriminatory practices and behaviours; however, we understand that EDI is a continuous process, MCE is committed to the long-term goal of breaking down barriers and doing our part to create an inclusive recruitment industry.

Our EDI policy can be found here.