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Masterclass Education are passionate about providing the most current and relevant CPD to our teams. We value the importance of giving you the opportunities to progress and the best tools to make you successful in your role.

CPD Excellence: Empowering Success

Our online courses are free to registered candidates and are CPD recognised with a printable certificate at the end of each course. Many schools and settings now see the following training as essential in starting a new role with them. Please speak to your consultant for access and more information.

Autism Awareness

1hr 15 mins

This course offers an introductory overview of autism, catering to individuals seeking to comprehend and positively impact the lives of those on the autism spectrum, such as parents, caregivers, professionals, and individuals with autism themselves. Covering essential topics including the definition, causes, spectrum, challenges, characteristics, diagnosis, and strengths of autism, it provides both foundational knowledge and a refresher for interested participants.

Safeguarding Children for Education Level 1

2 hrs

The Safeguarding Children for Education Level 1 course is tailored for Education sector professionals who may refer safeguarding cases to authorities. It covers legal frameworks, serious case reviews, Local Safeguarding Children’s Partnerships, and definitions of safeguarding and child protection. Participants learn about child abuse, recognizing signs, effects on children, and appropriate responses. The course also addresses how to respond to disclosures or allegations of abuse.

Violence Reduction

1hr 30 mins

This course delves into understanding and addressing youth violence, covering its connections to other forms of violence, impacts, and responses. Topics include adverse childhood experiences, identifying at-risk children, contextual safeguarding, prevention methods, trauma-informed approaches, partnership-based strategies, and roles in violence prevention. It emphasizes learning from youths' expertise, involving parents and carers, and utilizing supervision for violence reduction.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

2hrs 15 mins

This course addresses Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as violence against females, a public health risk, and a human rights violation. It covers FGM's definition, prevalence, legal framework, socio-cultural context, impact, attitudes, victim identification, prevention, and professional roles. Understanding FGM is crucial for appropriate intervention and prevention.

Safeguarding Children with Disabilities

30 mins

This course addresses the vulnerability of disabled children to abuse and the challenges in recognizing and responding to it. Participants learn about the definition of disability, reasons for increased vulnerability, and the complexities involved when abuse is suspected. Understanding these issues is crucial for effective safeguarding of disabled children.


Understanding Child Development

30 mins

This course provides an introduction to child development and its impact on practice. Participants will explore the benefits of studying child development, key questions in the field, and concepts such as attachment formation. The course covers theories by Maslow, Levin, Piaget, Vygotsky, and Erikson, offering insights into cognitive, social, and emotional development. Understanding child development is essential for informed and effective professional practice.

PREVENT – Safeguarding against Radicalisation

1hr 15mins

This Home Office-accredited course offers comprehensive training on the Prevent strategy and Channel process, aiming to counter violent extremism and terrorism. Participants learn about threat awareness, extremism's link to terrorism, radicalization processes, social media's role, relevant legislation like CONTEST, and the Prevent duty's application across sectors. The course covers identifying vulnerability, recognizing radicalization signs, reporting concerns, and preventing violent extremism effectively.

Moving and Positioning of Individuals

45 mins

In health and social care, proper moving and handling of individuals is paramount. This course covers legislation, responsibilities, self-care, and planning for safe movement. Participants learn techniques for moving individuals, including proper use of equipment and avoiding unsafe practices. Understanding these principles ensures the well-being of both caregivers and those they assist.

Trauma Awareness

1 hr 45 mins

Understanding trauma and its impact is vital for providing effective care. Trauma-informed care fosters support and understanding, aiding in healing. This comprehensive course covers types of trauma, risk factors, brain development effects, prevention strategies, misconceptions, implementation, and staff considerations. It emphasizes person-centered approaches, empowerment, effective engagement, and promoting trauma-informed practices.

First Aid

3hrs 30 mins

In emergency situations, knowing how to respond can be crucial. This course covers CPR, choking, bleeding, burns, broken bones, asthma, allergies, and seizures. Participants learn to apply first aid principles, perform CPR effectively, and recognize when professional medical treatment is necessary. By the end, learners can take decisive action to potentially save lives. Topics include adult and child CPR, AED use, and managing various medical emergencies.

Food Allergy Awareness

1 hr 

This two-module course equips participants with knowledge and skills to manage food allergies effectively. Topics include distinguishing between allergies and intolerances, recognizing allergic reactions, identifying high-risk foods, and addressing hidden allergens. Participants learn about current regulations for allergen information and best practices for preventing cross-contact. By the end, learners can identify allergic reactions, comply with regulations, prevent cross-contact, and respond to anaphylaxis.

ADHD Awareness

20 Mins

Do you want to better understand Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learn how to support people who have ADHD? This course provides an in-depth look at ADHD, dispelling myths and providing helpful strategies for supporting people with this condition. You’ll gain knowledge to enhance your understanding, find tools to offer meaningful support and learn how to empower those with ADHD to thrive.